Cheapest Rent Bus Jogja - Yogyakarta Cheapest Car Rental

1 Oct 2015

Cheapest Rent Bus Jogja - Yogyakarta Cheapest Car Rental
New look for bus rental jogja cheap and reliable? I recommend to you that billatransport. Billatransport car and bus rental company reliable, experienced and in answering all client questions are very friendly and nice and fast.

What is the bus? Definition according to is large wheeled vehicles, used to carry passengers in large quantities. The term bus is derived from the Latin, omnibus, which means “(vehicle stop) at all (stop)”.

History Embryo bus arises when motorists replace the horse as a means of transportation in about 1905. At that time, called the motor omnibus autobus. Until now, France and the UK still use the term. Omnibus first operated in the United States. Starting with a road crossing Broadway in New York in 1827. A man named Abraham Brower, the first owner of the business.

The most important progress in the omnibus is a street car. The first horse-drawn street cars. The difference is the presence of steel rails placed in the middle of the road. The wheels of street cars are also made of steel, which is made in such a way so as not to damage the rail. The first street car operates in Browery Street, New York. John Manson owned and made by an Irish descent named John Stephenson.

At first, the bus merupakana horse-drawn vehicle, then starting from the 1830s steam-powered bus started there. Along with the times, the conventional engine-powered bus is the invention of the electronic trolley bus that functions with a set of wires that exist in some places in large quantities. Bus-powered engines first appeared in conjunction with the development of the car. After the first engine-powered bus in 1895, various models were developed in the 1900s, until finally a widespread form of bus is intact from the 1950s. The bus became popular in the early 20th century due to World War I. At that time, most of the rail means allocated for the needs of the war and because of the existence of private cars, so we need other means of transportation that can carry many passengers.

Currently, bus in Indonesia are divided into various categories, based on size, grade, type, and range. There are three types of buses based on size, big buses, medium buses and small buses. While based on existing class economy class, business rs, ac business, executive, and super executive. The division is based on this class is determined by the facilities provided by the bus.

Model Type Bus, among others:
Tourista made by Like a car body. looks like at Legacy Sky SR-1. in front of the lights that reflect the country’s bamboo curtain and water intercoolernya you know what makes it so cool. no glass on the side of the super-wide, is well suited for medium buses. and rear lights with a curve like a typical european scorpionking.

These luxury buses once, so named Luxobuss. Restu Ibu bus artificial body of this design is quite futuristic. Jetbus similar to the front, but the black lights. the side with scarves that are attached to the body. then the back of the body adopting Celsius by Rahayu Santosa.

actually I do not know his name, but friends say this mania bus Transformer name. made by the body of Indo Three Buana abbreviated ITB, this is indeed the founder karoseri 3 ITB alumni majoring in industrial engineering. Okay, cool design bangeet. headlights slanted, the curve of the body protruding, round and round taillights are cool. but unfortunately this is only for tourism buses.

Rental Bus Non Ac Billatransport As follows:
Bus Non Ac Micro Bus Seat 20-27 USD. 1,200,000 / day
Non Ac 40-54 Seat Bus Bus Big Rp 1,800,000 / day

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